Date | 2.23.15
Location | Downtown Henderson NC
Baby 1-Month Photoshoot
Daniel Hendley – Photographer in Henderson NC

Photographer in Henderson NC - Baby Portrait Photoshoot

Early this year, my best friend Michael and his wife (and also great friend) Jin had their first baby, Elaina. While I don’t have any newborn pictures of her, I was able to get her in for some 1-month photos. Both mom and baby did fantastic, as you can tell.

Now, for me, baby photos should be something special for each family. It’s easy enough to plop a baby down in a basket or other prop and snap away, but I find that style fairly bland and not terribly exciting. These once-in-a-lifetime moments between parent and baby, in my opinion, should capture that special bond together. I think you can certainly tell Jin and Elaina have that bond.

Photographer in Henderson NC - Baby Portrait Photoshoot

But don’t get me wrong. We still of course want photos of just the baby on their own. Those are just as important in their own right, and anyone growing up in today’s world will have so many great photo opportunities that they can look back over throughout the years. Just imagine if we had half as many photos of our older generations.

Head over to the contact form now and get in touch if you’ve got a new addition to the family, or if this has inspired you to get some photos of your family in its current state. With regular portrait shoots and weddings, I only really do a limited number of babies each year, so let’s set something up.

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