Date | 7.22.14
Location | Downtown Henderson NC
Makeover Photoshoot
Daniel Hendley – Photographer in Henderson NC

Photographer in Henderson NC - Makeover Photoshoot

This week we had Courtney come by the studio in Henderson for a makeover and photoshoot. Courtney is going to be an upcoming high school junior at J.F. Webb in Oxford this year, and had seen and liked the makeover we did with Ashlee previously that I posted over on Facebook. After a few emails back and forth to setup a day, we spent a couple of hours with Courtney in the studio and a little time outdoors downtown as well. Being a high schooler and just 16 years old, we wanted to keep everything age appropriate, and Dorothy did an amazing job with age-appropriate, minimal makeup, and fantastic flowing hair.


Photographer in Henderson NC - Makeover Photoshoot Photographer in Henderson NC - Makeover Photoshoot

These makeover shoots are a whole lot of fun not only for me and my makeup artist, but most of all, for you the client. Our goal with these shoots is to show women of all ages that they don’t need to be Photoshopped and apply an over abundance of makeup to look and feel beautiful. Whether you think the camera loves or hates you, we want to get you into the studio for a shoot. Seriously, especially if you think that you “don’t take good pictures” or that you don’t have a good side, we want the chance to prove you wrong. All you’ll need are some outfits that you feel great in and we’ll do the rest. With expert posing and photographic technique, I’ll show you the real you, without the need of arduous Photoshop work. I know this can be intimidating, so feel free to bring a friend along. We’ll do a makeover photoshoot for you both! Head over to the contact form now and let’s set something up.

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